About Vector

Our Global Presence

Vector Consultants’ truly global footprint means we’re ideally structured to help solve the implementation challenges faced by even the largest and most distributed international enterprises, helping them to deliver superior performance through an intense focus on operational alignment and effectiveness.
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Vector Western Europe

Ever since our creation in 1986, Vector Consultants has worked successfully in the UK with clients undergoing rapid and sustained transformational change. Over the years, we’ve been instrumental in helping companies and governmental organisations to maximise the benefits of their improvement strategies.

We do this through tailored implementation programmes that bring their people and processes into precise alignment with their strategic objectives. In addition, our approach is largely industry-independent, enabling us to implement effective improvement strategies in sectors ranging from IT, rail and airlines to telecoms, financial services and more.

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The Americas

Vector Consultants was created in 1986 - since then we have worked successfully in the USA and Canada with many client organisations seeking to gain advantage through transformational change.

Over the years, our clients have gained the greatest return on their improvement strategies, benefiting from bespoke implementation programmes that precisely align their people and processes with the objectives that they want to achieve. And we’ve worked with organisations from many business and government sectors, ranging from IT and telecoms to transport, financial services, international aid and more.

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Middle East

Vector's team of experienced business and consulting specialists have entered the Middle East market to provide a tailored and personal service to organisations in the achievement of rapid and sustained transformational change.

With a permanent presence in the UAE since 2008, we provide the full range of our services from our Regional office located in Knowledge Village Dubai for an increasing number of Middle Eastern clients. In addition, we have several strategic relationships aimed at bringing world class educational services to the region including The Chartered Institute of Purchasing & Supply, the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development and the Chartered Management Institute.

>> Bahrain

Vector established a permanent presence in Bahrain in early 2012 in partnership with Genetech – a highly respected Bahrain training and consultancy provider.

Our state-of-the-art training center in Manama, Bahrain is designed to provide high quality facilities for local Bahrain nationals to be trained in professional qualifications and become employees of choice across the region. Working closely with the Bahrain Government, we are an approved training provider within the Tamkeen fund, enabling Bahrain nationals to gain access to funding for training and qualifications in Management, HR, Procurement, Supply Chain and Logistics, Hospitality and Islamic Finance.

Coupled with our expert Arabic trainers, we also have a world-class team of consultants, helping Bahrain Corporations and Government departments strengthen their capacity and improve performance. This dual support approach enables us to be a unique one-source provider for the needs of both employers and employees in Bahrain.

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Turkey and Eastern Europe

Vector Consultants has been active in the Turkish market since 2002. Our Istanbul office is one of our key locations, covering Turkey, the Balkans, Russia and surrounding countries and was established in 2011. Our focus is on helping leading domestic and multinational corporations in delivering their strategy. We have been working across a wide rage of industries including financial services, aviation, energy, telecom, media, consumer goods, health care, logistics, manufacturing and construction. The vision for the Istanbul office is to become the regions “preferred consulting company in delivering superior corporate results”.

Our Istanbul team is composed mainly of Turkish consultants who have all held senior positions in the corporate world with a diverse set of backgrounds and experience. We do not employ junior consultants who lack experience, which differentiates us from other consulting companies.

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Central Asia

Vector Consultants have a strong and permanent footing in the rapidly growing markets of Central Asia. Starting with Kazakhstan, the 9th largest country in the world and rating the 21st fastest growing economy globally, we offer our global expertise tailored to the needs of the local businesses and organisations. Our team of local and expat experts is based in the Southern capital of Kazakhstan, in the mountains of Almaty.

Answering to the needs of the market, Vector Consultants entered the market with a project in Corporate Social Responsibility in early 2012. Since then we have been expanding our portfolio with bringing world class educational services to the region including the Chartered Management Institute, followed by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development and the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply.

Kazakhstan is transforming as a country and the economy is changing rapidly. Vector Consultants' global expertise in management consultancy with a local presence allows us to implement the model that enables us to bring in state-of-the art solutions that fit the particular local business needs of our clients.

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Vector Levant

Our Levant regional office is based in Beirut and covers Lebanon and the neighboring countries of Syria, Jordan, Iraq and Egypt as well as being our Islamic Finance and banking section team base. It is a dynamic team that includes executives encompassing many years of leadership and management experience in various business fields including finance and banking, telecommunication, public sector and higher education manages the rapidly expanding office. Our core services include: • Strategy Development • Organisational Restructuring and Governance Systems • Developing Human Resources Management Policies and Procedures • Business Process Improvement and Re-engineering • Management Consulting Leadership, Management, and Self Development • Professional training and qualifications in modern Business Topics

Our Values

Our values are the backbone to our organisation. Integrating these values into our working practice enables us to perform to the best of our abilities and. therefore. ensures that our clients perform to the best of theirs.

We do not charge our clients more if conversations go over time, or if there is extended face value. Time is often perceived as money, but we believe that important words should not be left unsaid, no matter how long it takes. One of our key values is that we are always generous with our time. We enjoy building relationships and take pleasure in spending time with our clients, and we ensure that in every face-to-face encounter, regardless of how brief, we leave something behind.
>> Always tell the client the whole truth: Regardless of what the client would like to hear, however painful. 
>> Exceed client expectations: Add real value beyond the initial task 
>> Be generous with our time: No unexpected charges for time/administration 
>> Do not oversell our own capabilities: If we can’t do it we'll say so 
>> No bait and switch: Clients see the same consultants from start to completion 
>> Create client independence: Transfer of skills and knowledge from day one 
>> Maintain confidentiality and data security: We do not divulge client information. 

Why Choose Vector?

At the forefront of strategy implementation for close to three decades now, Vector is uniquely experienced in delivering hands-on programmes that help organisations right across the world to gain the full benefit of their strategies. It’s by helping them address their toughest challenges head-on that we ensure they gain from a real, lasting difference in everything we do. 

What’s more, we’re utterly committed to total openness and honesty – at all times and in all our dealings. It’s the only way to earn trust, clearly demonstrating that we always do the right things for the right reasons. 
Several fundamental factors lie at the heart of this approach.

First, our team of consultants is entirely made up of experienced business people with personal experience of the challenges our clients face. 

And because all engagements are managed and delivered by our most senior personnel, clients have access at all times to their direct input and knowledge. 

In addition, we understand that achieving successful change always depends on a deep understanding of the organisation, its culture and the complex inter-relationships of all its people and processes. 

Only once this understanding has been gained through thorough and accurate situational analysis can the right solutions be put in place to precisely align strategic goals with reality. 

Third, we’ve developed a comprehensive and proven portfolio of uniquely flexible and powerful solutions, which we tailor to meet the individual competitive, performance and efficiency needs of every client. 

In addition, we measure the efficacy of everything we do against agreed parameters to make sure that we add value at every point of engagement. And to ensure we leave a long-term legacy of improvement, we teach every client how to get the most out of these powerful tools for themselves. 

Next, because we have sites right across the world, we have all the resources required to solve the implementation challenges of even the largest global organisations. 

And we commit to delivering exceptional relevance and value by employing local experts in every territory who have an understanding of the subtle variations within local markets. 

Finally, we recognise that the most successful commercial and governmental organisations are those which place the customer at the heart of all their operations. 

That’s why our approach to change always involves ensuring that all the people and resources of an organisation are ultimately focused on meeting real customer needs. These truths are central to our wide portfolio of client engagements that have helped organisations everywhere to become more effective, more efficient and more competitive.

Success Stories

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Reacquiring oil and gas assets

Petroleum Sharing Agreements (PSAs) help poorer countries avoid the up-front costs of developing oil assets in return for a share of profits. However, these agreements are open to corruption, resulting in the wealth failing to reach populations. 

After the removal of its leader, Yemen’s new government wanted to ethically manage the end of its PSAs, ensuring the wealth went towards food, healthcare, education and other infrastructure. The government commissioned Vector Consultants to perform due diligence and a diagnostic assessment of the PSAs. Our work will enable Yemen’s people to recover between $500 million and $1 billion from one oil field alone, plus improve wealth allocation from other oil fields. This money will help develop education, transport and government systems throughout the country. 

Doubling banking profits

Sekerbank in Turkey commissioned us to address issues that were affecting its profits. Our six-week diagnostic solution uncovered systemic and behavioural opportunities to improve performance, particularly through cross sales in branches. 

To improve service and results, we redesigned the bank’s customer relationship management and technology systems, and created new branch layouts. We also conducted assessment and development programmes to improve skills. Our work has doubled Sekerbank’s profit per customer.

Creating Macedonia’s Ministry of Justice

Following the breakup of Yugoslavia, Vector Consultants was commissioned to create and launch a new Ministry of Justice for Macedonia. A lack of central judicial control had resulted in escalating crime, such as people trafficking, drug movement and fake goods.

Among our many activities, we built a best-practice model, conducted thorough diagnostic assessments, defined roles, provided coaching, designed and delivered IT, set standards for prisons, and delivered staff-engagement sessions. 
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