Individuals & Leaders

Individuals and Leaders

World-class organisations, whether in the private or public sectors, all have one factor in common: World-Class Leaders.

At Vector, we take a practical, results-oriented and organisation-specific approach to maximising leadership performance. To do so, we first identify the results expected or desired of a specific organisation’s leaders. And then we map the actions and behaviours needed to achieve such outcomes within the context of a particular industry, market and company.

This highly effective approach to developing the leaders of today has helped organisations around the world revolutionise their performance. And by working closely with individuals at every level of the organisation, we also inspire those with the talent to fulfil their leadership ambitions.

World-Class Leadership

To be truly world-class, leaders or leadership teams need to combine three essential functions: the direction that helps employees to achieve the goals needed for the good of the organisation as a whole; the motivation that provides emotional satisfaction from doing the right thing in the right way; and the guidance that means people know what they need to change for better personal performance.

At Vector, we work closely with leaders from private and public sector organisations across the world to ensure they have the capabilities to direct, motivate and guide their employees to deliver the best possible performance at an individual and a team level.
It’s an approach that goes beyond mere coaching to inspire the talent needed to lead large organisations at a global level.

Delivering exceptional performance
To outperform the competition, consistently and comprehensively, your organisation needs its people to perform at the top of their capabilities. Of course, psychology plays a fundamental role in achieving such a goal. But it needs to have a practical focus, based on an understanding of the motivating factors to which people respond most positively. Just as important is the knowledge of what not to say and how to avoid unintentionally demotivating important individuals through making the wrong criticism at the wrong time.

Our close relationships with some of the best professional sports teams and clubs in the world have taught us the most important techniques for maximising personal performance. Sometimes they can be as simple as saying the right things at the right time – but simple or not, they are immensely powerful assets that we can share with you to help unleash the full potential of your organisation.

High-performing teams
The dynamics involved in successful team-building are highly complex and unique to every set of individuals. This is why, at Vector, our approach to helping organisations optimise team performance is unashamedly focused on the individual workplace and the specific issues involved there.

Using powerful motivational and inspirational techniques, we work through issues to help teams find a structure, culture and way of working that can revolutionise productivity and quality. Many of our clients have found our approach particularly valuable at times of change, such as when a new team is created or a new leader appointed.

Inspiring the workforce
At Vector, we have an excellent record in delivering events and programmes that engage staff with their organisation, successfully aligning them with its aims, its culture and its values. The most important outcome of this work is always the same: the moment when everybody comes to understand their place in the value chain and how their individual actions impact upon the end customer or consumer.

For many teams and individuals, this is a moment of genuine inspiration. More important even than that, it’s the moment when everybody in the workforce starts to think around new and more effective ways of delivering customer satisfaction, creating a new source of advantage for the organisation as a whole.

Talent Development

When working with clients to inspire their teams and optimise leadership potential, there is one core objective that we always have in mind – to leave behind a lasting benefit that extends far beyond our engagement. We aim to do this by building the means for our clients to identify and develop their own talent, with little need for further external support.

Of course, this means identifying and nurturing the leaders of the future as a key aspect of succession planning. And it means developing the internal capacity to engage with the workforce as a whole, optimising organisational effectiveness for years ahead.

Building internal consultancy capability
In our view at Vector, the ability to carry out effective knowledge transfer is one of the most important and valuable skills we have. This is never more significant than when it comes to giving clients the capability to develop their workforce and culture in a way that ensures lasting positive impact on organisational effectiveness. So a key element of any workforce engagement programme is always to share our knowledge and understanding of how to inspire an organisation-wide commitment to maximising customer value. Successfully transmitting such knowledge to a defined internal team that continues our work into the future is an approach that helps to set us, and our clients, apart.

Developing the leaders of tomorrow
There are three elements that are key to developing and implementing an effective and pragmatic succession strategy. First, understand how the environment in which the organisation operates is set to evolve in the medium and longer term. Second, define and document in the business plan how the organisation will adapt to these changes. And third, consider the skills and qualities that the leaders of the organisation will therefore need in the years to come. These are all areas in which Vector can help clients in both the public and private sectors. And we can help in the next critical phase as well, actually identifying and nurturing the skills of the high-potential talent within the organisation from whom its future leaders are most likely to be drawn.

Success Stories

Case in Point: Vector was funded by the European Commission to help set up a management qualifications centre in Amman, Jordan. 

Our experts guided the Jordanian team on delivering relevant training and assessing students’ work
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